Responsive, reliable, remarkably tough

With its rugged good looks and adventurous spirit, the reliable power and adaptability of the TRX250TM will take you anywhere you’re bold enough to go. Delivering excellent fuel economy and great engine response, this TRX250TM provides everything you need to be in control of a really comfortable ride.


Powerfully light

The TRX250TM has a lightweight, compact OHV air-cooled 229cc engine designed to minimise frictional losses. Its overhead valve-design offers a wide, easy-to-use powerband. It’s easy to see why this mid-sized ATV is a firm favourite with its light throttle control that offers good engine response and excellent fuel economy and an rpm limiter for added durability.

Tough flexibility

The Honda TRX250TM’s independent double-wishbone front suspension, and front and rear suspension promises more comfort for all-day riding. The tyres have an aggressive tread pattern for excellent traction and the large cargo racks at the front and rear feature a powerful 110w power AC generator.

Fully functional design

Ergonomically designed seating and control layouts provide a comfortable operating position for a wide range of rider sizes. Large front and rear cargo racks can carry payloads of 15kg and 30kg respectively and the large, lightweight plastic fuel tank features a 9.1-litre capacity for long days on the trail. Plus, a snorkel-type air intake system is specially designed for water crossings.

Low running cost

A 22mm carburettor with light throttle control offers reliable engine response and excellent fuel economy. The closed crankcase vent system safeguards against engine oil contamination from the elements and a rubber-cushion engine mounting system reduces vibration and extends engine life. The automatic camchain tensioner reduces maintenance, while the maintenance-free battery and reusable foam air filter reduce running costs.