The NEW ultimate adventurer
The New VFR1200X Crosstourer received improved comfort, evolved its existing technology and applied new touches. With Honda’s Selectable Torque Control, the system allows the rider to select three different levels to control engine torque and resultant drive to the rear wheel; the system can also be switched off. Honda’s six-speed DCT gearbox received software refinements to deliver an even more intuitive and natural performance, whether on highway or back road. Honda’s unique new self-cancelling indicators were also fitted.

Comfortable riding

Inspired by the off-road upright riding position, the Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer is perfect for riding in busy city streets and twisting rural roads alike. Its carefully considered ergonomics package offers both rider and passenger a high degree of freedom. Plus, natural support of the rider’s body weight between footpegs, new seat was modified to improve rider comfort and facilitate easier ground reach plus the improved practicality with an easily-adjustable windscreen. For extended rides, the new VFR1200X comes with 12V socket and three levels of S Mode in its DCT version.

Big-capacity V4 performance

The Crosstourer is a machine designed to give its rider the feeling that anything is possible. No journey is too long or demanding, no road surface impassable. Contributing significantly to this feeling is the Honda V4 engine that delivers impressive and useable power and torque at the twist of the wrist.

Reassuring traction control

The New Crosstourer is now equipped with three different levels of Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS). This system monitors rear wheel speed, looking for fluctuations that could suggest an imminent loss of traction and, subsequently, machine control. If the system believes wheel-spin is imminent, engine power is momentarily reduced, maintaining traction. The system can be switched off in accordance with the rider’s preferences.

Combined Antilock Braking System (C-ABS)

The Combined Antilock Braking Systemincorporates both the easy control of a Combined Braking System and the extra reassurance of an Anti-lock Braking System. The CBS effectively balances front and rear braking control for smooth operation. At the same time, the Antilock Braking System provides extra reassurance and offers more confident braking power in unexpected or extreme situations.